Chrono your marker BEFORE the first
game, no more than 285 fps.
Goggles on while on the field
No shooting when less than 20 feet from your
Large groups, 1 hit and your are out(except for hand
shots). Smaller groups, 1 head or torso shot and you are
out, 2 arm or legs shots and you are out OR 1 arm and 1
leg shot
No hand or gun hits count. However if you call out
then you are out reguardless of where you got hit
When you get OUT!!, Plug/sock your barrel, raise
your marker above your head and walk off the field.
If you are not sure if you got hit or if the
ball for a paint check
No over shooting. Too many complaints will result
in Semi Mode only OR expulsion from the field.
No shooting the dead AND dead men don't
If you callout and then find out the ball did not break....
you are still out...if your not sure it broke call for a paint
Stay within the field boundaries
Please dispose of all trash... preferably not on the
Be Courteous, Be Honest, Be Fair and Play Safe
Field Rules